Monday, July 20, 2009

6 Pack Abs and the 6 Week Body Makeover

The 6 Week Body Makeover and 6 pack abs. I'm going to use one to achieve the other. I've heard great things about this program and think that this is exactly what I need to become lean and lose fat. My problem is that I am not fat, but I'm not skinny. I do not want to be skinny because I have a lot of muscle and do not want to lose my mass. However, my eating choices are what causes me to be fat. I have a large mid-section and know that if I lose the belly fat, I will have a terrific six-pack. Ever since I was little, my diet consisted of really bad food choices and the majority of the time I usually eat hamburgers and fried chicken. I work-out regularly and have a lot of muscle on my arms and legs. I also play a lot of sports, however, my main problem area are my ab muscles and this is the reason why I want to use the Michael Thurmond makeover. According to this eating program, people can lose up to 30 pounds in 6 weeks.

Like I said, I do not want to lose 30 pounds, but I want to have strict eating regimen that will knock out the fat out of diet and push me to eat healthy foods. I can see the outlines of a six-pack and under good lighting I can visualize my flat stomach. I will need a lot of fat burning foods to flatten my stomach and the only way to do that is through a customized eating plan.

The Michael Thurman Body Makeover shows people how to customize their meals according to body types. According to my body blueprint, I'm a body type C. A body type C is someone who can get gain a lot of lean muscle mass and metabolize food at a faster rate than most people. However, my metabolism is not fast enough to burn enough calories for me to effectively burn fat at the rate I want to. In order to lose fat for a body type C, I need to eat foods that will cooperate with my body to lose fat. I can eat more carbohydrates (which I thought was bad), then other body types but should stay away from protein that will make me gain weight. Red meat is a "weight-gaining" protein for me and I should stick to lean meat such as chicken, tuna, seafood and turkey.

Since I already know my body type, the next step is to create my customized eating plan and to start following my diet. Actually, I am not going to follow the exercise routine as I think it's too easy for me. I'm currently doing the P90X exercise routine for exercise but have been out of tune with it lately. I currently weight about 165 and am around 18% body fat. I do not look fat but I "feel" fat. My belly sticks out and when I sit, I can feel my fat go over my pants. In order for me to lose belly fat, I will have to eat using the correct methods instructed by this six week makeover diet. I'm really excited about starting this program and hope that by the end of September, that I can take my shirt off at the beach and have many people compliment me (I'm vain, I know). That's my goal and I know many other people would like to have this goal as well.

My thinking is, if I can do it, so can you and I would like to be a motivator to all. I'm going to be "ripped" and I will show you how to lose weight and have a fabulous body through proper eating techniques and by using a strict exercise routine. I'm ready for the 6 Week Body Makeover and I hope you follow me as I lose weight!